Wu-Tang Clan

Members: Ghostface Killah, GZA, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa, Method Man, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Raekwon, RZA & U-God

Song suggestions: A Better Tomorrow, Impossible (with Tekitha), Sunshower, Wu-Revolution (with Poppa Wu & Uncle Pete) [Album Intro], Reunited, Cash Still Rules/Scary Hours, Visionz, Severe Punishment, Older Gods, Bells of War, Heaterz, C.R.E.A.M.

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        Yo, the Older God put me on to how to rock this
        Maintain 360 Lord live prosperous
        It only takes a lesson a day, just to analyze life
        One time in the respectable mind

         – Raekwon & Ghostface Killah on Older Gods

        Yo, in the housing, thousands seen early graves
        Victims of worldly ways, memories stays engraved
        All my live brothers, is locked down with high numbers
        The young hunger, blind to these lies, they die younger
        In this New World the Order slaughter men, women, and children
        Ten feet gates surround the building keep us sealed in
        The projects,lifeless like a vietnam vet
        Constant war, sever threats of enemy conquest
        Crooked cops comb my building complex that’s in the rumble
        Streets are like a jungle, can’t let my cypher crumble
        Vivid thoughts, Devils resort to trick knowledge
        They kick garbage, lust for chicks and quick dollars
        I know the pain the game bring, I did the same thing
        Spaced out in the staircase, performing a sting
        It’s hard to keep control, I bless those who seek a scroll
        Trying to reach a whole nation and break the sleeper hold
        Not a role model, I walk a hard road to follow
        I sold bottles of sorrow then chose poems and novels
        The gospel was told, some souls it swallowed whole
        Mentally they fold, and they eventually sold
        Their life and times, deadly like the virus design
        But too, minute to dilute, the scientist mind

         – Inspectah Deck on A Better Tomorrow

        A voice cries from the wilderness of the North
        A representation of the families that lost one
        All victims of incarceration
        Or other divisions of the family structure
        Youths are injected with serums that leads
        To skin irritations, babies being born with
        Disfigurations, experimentations
        On their faces there bear worry-ations
        Of mothers that carry the pain
        Of blood stained streets where sisters mourn and wail
        Fifth brothers been slain from hails of gun fire
        It lightly begins to rain screams of terror
        Are hidden by the passing trains
        This can’t be little Hussein, his uncle cried
        As he drops to his nephew’s side, holding his cane
        Just give me a name, of who has inflicted this
        Bitter sickness, and left us to witness

         – Masta Killa on A Better Tomorrow

        Yeah, yo
        Curses from war, innocent blood spills for days
        Soothe in godly ways, hands, solemn in praise
        Tree of life, more precious than rubies, golden game
        The wise shall flourish inherit, Halls of Fame
        Crime visions in my blood got me, locked in prison
        While we die hard living people whine about religion, vision
        Blow, spin, and sin and killing what’s revealing
        It’s a never ending battle with no ending or beginning, listen
        Zero process, progress, become the hunted
        America’s most wanted, good life flaunted, want it
        Some love the speed, some satisfy a need
        Some want to be down, young gun seed, jungle breed
        The strong must feed, someone die, someone bleed
        One flew astray, and it caught my little seed
        Can it be, the ice savage, trife life, made me grab the knife
        The righteous man was beat with many stripes, pipes
        Take in my energy, breath and know the rest
        Cause the good die young and the hard die best

         – U-God on A Better Tomorrow

        Y’all bitches love dances, and pulling down your pants
        While your man’s on tour, your spending up his advances
        Your friends ain’t shit, all they do is drink, smoke, and suck dick
        The whole projects is trapped in stench
        You either high school drop-outs, one to three cop-outs
        Fifteen years old, shorty ass and top out
        Ninety-nine cent beer drinking pussy stinking
        Fucking so much your ass and titties start shrinking
        New World Order slave trade, minimum wage, Medicaid
        Can a devil fool a Muslim nowadays
        Inside my lab, I’m going mad
        Took two drags off theblunts, and started breaking down the flag
        The blue is for the Crips, the red is for the Bloods
        The whites for the cops, and the stars come from the clubs
        Or the slugs that ignites, through the night, by the dawn
        Early light,why is sons fighting for the stripe

         – RZA on A Better Tomorrow

        As we dwell through this concrete hell, calling it home
        Mama say, take your time young man and build your own
        Don’t wind up like your old dad
        Still searching for them glory days he never had
        So many bad want to scheme for American dream, no more kings
        The cash rule everything now, we going down
        These babies looking up to us, it’s up to us
        The Million Man March MC’s, get on the bus
        But envy, greed, lust, and hate, separate
        Though the devil mind state blood kin cannot relate
        No longer, brothers, we unstable
        Like Kane when he slew Abel, killing each other

         – Method Man on A Better Tomorrow

        War of the masses, the outcome disastrous
        Many of the victim families save their ashes
        A million names on walls, engraved in plaques
        Those who went back received penalties for their acts
        Another heart is torn as close ones mourn
        Those who stray, niggas get slayed on the song

         – GZA on Triumph

        Light is provided through sparks of energy
        From the mind that travels in rhyme form
        Giving sight to the blind
        The dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum
        Death only one can save self from
        This relentless attack of the track spares none

         – Masta Killa on Triumph

        Fusion of the five elements, to search for the higher intelligence
        Women walk around celibate, living irrelevant
        The most benevolent king, communication through your dreams
        Mental pictures been painted, Allah’s heard and seen
        Everywhere, throughout your surrounding atmosphere
        Troposphere, thermosphere, stratosphere
        Can you imagine from one single idea, everything appeared here
        Understanding makes my truth, crystal clear
        Innocent black immigrants locked in housing tenements
        Eighty-Five percent tenants depended welfare recipients
        Stapleton’s been stamped as a concentration camp
        At night I walk through, third eye as bright as a street lamp
        Electric microbes, robotic probes
        Taking telescope pictures of globe, babies getting pierced with microchips
        Stuffed inside their earlobes,then examinated
        Blood contaminated, vaccinated, lives fabricated
        Exaggerated authorization, Food and Drug Administration
        Testing poison in prison population
        My occupation to stop the inauguration of Satan
        Some claim that it was Reagan, so I come to slay men
        Like Bartholomew, cause every particle is physical article
        Was diabolical to the last visible molecule
        A spaceknight like Rom, consume planets like Unicron
        Blasting photon bombs from the arm like Galvatron

         – RZA on Impossible (with Tekitha)

        United Nations, gun bias style patient
        Formulating rap plural acapella occupation
        Conquer land like Napoleon, military bomb fest
        We want sanitary food, planetary conquest
        Thug peoples on some hardco’ body shit
        Get your shit together ‘fore the fuck Illuminati hit
        Dreams is free and escape is sleep
        For a fool peep jewels, keep tools for tough time
        The rule of rough mind, elevate, stay behind
        The sun gotta shine, keep on, cremate
        The whole Babylon, times up, move on
        Kings on your pawn, checkmate, no fakes
        Supposed through the gate, case closed
        Things get froze, when it comes time, chosen ones
        Will holding guns, we take flight with no fright
        And attack, never fear cause our words is clear
        What’s been done can’t be undone Son, we can’t care
        Cause the last days and times are surely here
        Snakes and flakes get blown, by the righteous ones
        Divine minds bind, we unified as one
        Half of black folk, we half broke, smoke a bowl of weed shit
        Our everlasting essencestay flying over Egypt

         – U-God on Impossible

        Sign of the times, conspiracy to overthrow the mind
        Behind every fortune there’s a crime

         – Method Man on The Projects

        Trouble follows behind a wicked mind, 20/20 vision
        Of the prism of light but still blind
        Because you lack the inner, every sinner
        Will end up in the everlastin winter of hellfire
        Throw on this mix just picks your third eye out
        You cry out your words fly out, and sounds die out
        You remain unheard, sufferin eternally, internal external
        Along with your wicked fraternal from generals to colonels
        Releasin thermonuclear heat that burns you firmly
        And permanently upon this journey
        Through the journal of the book of life
        Those who took a life without justice
        Will become just ice ice ice
        It’s been taught that your worst enemy couldn’t harm you
        As much as your own wicked thoughts
        What devils fought we wrought, and let’s annoint
        Now you’re bein persecuted by that universal court court court
        Iron hell with the strong blend of rape and blend of sandal
        With rose petals and jasmine, as men use talismans
        Burn some incense, chantin witchcraft to reach high dimensions
        I’m convinced, Allah is God always has been always will be
        You could travel every square inch of the planet Earth and still be
        Ninety-three million miles away from the sun
        Til you realize you and the sun is one, like the knowledge
        Know the ledge to where your heart is
        Or fall off into the internal hell that’s uncharted
        Light travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per second
        Through time and space, until it reach a target
        And once we’re freed of darkness, and show em where the path
        From which the Red Sea was parted, into these straight
        At the narrow gate, but wide is the road to destruction and hate
        What you thought life was a sport? A game?
        One hundred years short, know the soul is immortal
        Walk through many portals, and those who go astray
        Will pay a judgment day, and these few years of wicked bullshit
        Ain’t worth the eternity inside a sulfur lake
        With dragons and snakes, and any pain you can imaginate
        Instead, I chose to become a newlywed to the true bread
        Of life and fed God Degree of light to my head
        It’s been said, the fool who sleep is already dead, so I stay awake
        And take care of my brother, and uncover reveal the skin
        So we can see each other, cause every color
        That makes the light appear duller, who’s the colored man?
        Who’s the original, who’s the biochemical
        Who’s the grafted digital, digital, digital, digital
        Digital.. yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

         – RZA on Sunshower

        Two hundred thousand million atmosphere cubic feet of air we breath
        While niggas minds are trapped twenty thousand fathoms beneath
        The sea of reality, they can’t inhale deep, devils have em
        Stagnant, a trapping, the .45 magnum
        And shatter bone fragments
        Cops love the block you gettin backed up by Dragnet
        Thrown into a six by eight steel cabinet
        Liftin weights readin ancient tablets, back on the block nobody’s havin it
        Those who haven’t learnt get returned
        You freaky ass niggas get burned
        Some walk around like they ain’t concerned
        With the hell goin on inside the world
        Why do grown men molest little girls?
        Is it because the girl’s breast has swelled
        To the size of a woman, although she’s twelve
        The whole world is sick, sick, sick
        Trapped up in six, six, six
        I started off as a pawn in this marathon of life
        Tryin to carry on, wishin I had a bomb to blow up Babylon
        A vagabond, tryin to steal his corpse we’re from paragon
        Goin in circles, like a ferris wheel
        Undernourished meals I cherish hope, drown inside the sea of life
        Use my third eye for a periscope, and take flight to the edge of night
        To far heights so dark that even wit a bright light
        You couldn’t see a spark of light
        While others play ball, I recall, me and GZA, Dirty
        Hangin in halls, bangin on walls
        Kickin rhymes three hours straight with no pause
        Boostin from Freeport sunrise to Amityville morgue
        Kept razorblade between the jaws, breakin all laws
        Started out writin fables to makin beats on lunchroom tables
        To wearin long cables that hung down to the navel
        So pack some crack and fat sacks of skunk
        To funnel the P-Funk, smokin woolie blunts
        Dust cocktails and primos, shot more dice than casinos
        Back when Wu-Gambinos were called F.O.I. MC’s
        All and Together Now Crew B.C.C
        REC Posse, G.P., D.M.D
        Ol’ Dirty stalked East New York,GZA maintained Franklin Lane
        I was going to Thomas the Jeff, where students got slain
        Old Earth got nervous walked me to Shaolin sent me to Curtis
        Took share time in Marquis, U-God general contractin service
        While Meth Chef and Deck was off the New Dorp
        For white boys who took steroids
        Buildin up bicep tricep pectoids and deltoids
        Back when our girlfriends was virgins
        Cuttin class with Ghost tryin to bag hoes in Murry Bergtraum
        A Maybeldine beacon night school Washington Irving
        These young Gods was seekin
        Hoes in Westinghouse and Clara Parton and Medina
        Girls who sung like Sarafina
        On the corner of Belmont and Picket Avenue I seen her
        As if I dreamed her
        I was dead broke, now I will use key notes to make G-notes
        So it’s always hope
        See subway train run through the city like blood through the veins
        To the heart of Medina, but Shaolin is the brain
        So take heed to these words
        And feel the power of the Sunshower

         – RZA on Sunshower

        Now the story is about to close
        It was a hundred percent of us
        That came on the slave ships
        Eighty five percent of our people was uncivilized
        Poison animal eaters
        They’re slaves of the mental powers
        They don’t know who the true and living God is
        And their origins in the world
        So they worship what they know not
        And they’re easily lead in the wrong direction
        Ought to be lead in the right
        And now you got the ten percent who are rich slave makers of the poor
        Who teach the poor lies that make the people believe
        That the all mighty true and living God is a spook in the sky
        And you can’t see him with the physical eyes
        They’re also known as blood suckers of the poor
        And then you got the five percent
        Who are the poor righteous teachers
        Who do not believe in the teachings of the ten percent
        Who is all wise and know who the true and living god is
        And teach that the true and living god is a supreme being black man from Asia
        Otherwise known as civilized people
        Also Muslims, and Muslim’s sons
        Peace we out

         – Poppa Wu on Wu-Revolution



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