Song suggestions: Sunshower, The Birth, Tragedy, A Day To God Is 1000 Years, School (with Masta Killa), Impossible (with the Wu-Tang Clan), A Better Tomorrow (with the Wu-Tang Clan), Chi Kung (with Kinetic 9), Koto Chotan (with Tash Mahogany & Masta Killa), See The Joy, Cherry Range (with Kinetic 9 & Xavier Naidoo)

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I dropped out of school, I went to the college of self

 – Chi Kung (with Kinetic 9)

Yo, the pen is mightier than the sword, as I face my worldly challenge
In the scale of justice and my heart remains balanced and neutral
My respect for all men is mutual
As my thoughts surpass a level to which you devils compute to
You’ve been given the chance to hear the true and living
So do the knowledge, son, before you do the wisdom

 – A Day To God Is 1000 Years

Insight, ignite, and then men might, see love and hell
Hell and right, then excel, to be masters of your circumference
First, by obtainin’ mastery of your common sense
This supreme wisdom clears a man’s vision
You can see it through the lies and the phantasm
Of the equivocal, two-faced political individual
Who’s only out for residual, fabricatin’ lies
To eradicate the wise
But we come to civilize and gravitate to the skies
Of the heavenly celestial sphere
Trust me, son, it’s dear, in between your ears

 – A Day To God Is 1000 Years

That’s why we study degrees
And keep our third eye open for c-cypher punks
Will bag you for a blunt and lock you up for a month

 – Cherry Range (with Kinetic 9 & Xavier Naidoo)

Yo, yo, assassination, vaccination, poor education
Infatuation with Satan with global nation taxation
Fiber-optic, microscopic biological germ
Mad Cow burger on the market, Captain of your starship
I never departed once I started
To explore these regions that was uncharted

 – Tragedy

Cuz yo, this right here
Is called Knowledge of Self
When you apply that to yourself, you know yourself
You understand, yo, it’s gonna get your third eye opened
You can see things for what they are, and not what they appear to be
A brother gave me this knowledge, and passed this information to me

 – The Birth

Trouble follows behind a wicked mind, 20/20 vision
Of the prism of light but still blind
Because you lack the inner, every sinner
Will end up in the everlastin winter of hellfire
Throw on this mix just picks your third eye out
You cry out your words fly out, and sounds die out
You remain unheard, sufferin eternally, internal external
Along with your wicked fraternal from generals to colonels
Releasin thermonuclear heat that burns you firmly
And permanently upon this journey
Through the journal of the book of life
Those who took a life without justice
Will become just ice ice ice
It’s been taught that your worst enemy couldn’t harm you
As much as your own wicked thoughts
What devils fought we wrought, and let’s annoint
Now you’re bein persecuted by that universal court court court
Iron hell with the strong blend of rape and blend of sandal
With rose petals and jasmine, as men use talismans
Burn some incense, chantin witchcraft to reach high dimensions
I’m convinced, Allah is God always has been always will be
You could travel every square inch of the planet Earth and still be
Ninety-three million miles away from the sun
Til you realize you and the sun is one, like the knowledge
Know the ledge to where your heart is
Or fall off into the internal hell that’s uncharted
Light travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per second
Through time and space, until it reach a target
And once we’re freed of darkness, and show em where the path
From which the Red Sea was parted, into these straight
At the narrow gate, but wide is the road to destruction and hate
What you thought life was a sport? A game?
One hundred years short, know the soul is immortal
Walk through many portals, and those who go astray
Will pay a judgment day, and these few years of wicked bullshit
Ain’t worth the eternity inside a sulfur lake
With dragons and snakes, and any pain you can imaginate
Instead, I chose to become a newlywed to the true bread
Of life and fed God Degree of light to my head
It’s been said, the fool who sleep is already dead, so I stay awake
And take care of my brother, and uncover reveal the skin
So we can see each other, cause every color
That makes the light appear duller, who’s the colored man?
Who’s the original, who’s the biochemical
Who’s the grafted digital, digital, digital, digital
Digital.. yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

 – Sunshower

They say wisdom, is the wise words spoken
By a brother attemptin’ to open
The graves, of these mentally dead slaves
Who’ve been lost on a cross, for decades
And centuries, lookin’ for the liberty
But receive nothin’, but misery
And hard times, and things of that nature
By the devil with a genocide caper
Little Boy Peep, has lost his sheep
But I found ’em, in a deep long sleep
Nine thousand miles away from home
Livin’ the life of a modern-day Flintstone
We the people, supposed to be equal
But the men who wrote that, they was evil
Slave owners, who did not include us
They just used us, and abused us
First they trick you, then mentally kill you
And use technologies, to rebuild you
This whole plan was a perfect scam
See that’s why they called it, the Six Million Dollar Man
Six is the limitation of the Devil
In the Million square miles of land that he settles
Put you in a three piece suit, give you loot
Chemicals in your head to make you look cute
They use you as a fool to deceive your own people
And fillin’ my children head with pins and needles
But I’ll take out the pins you inserted
And I’ll avenge all my mothers that you murdered
And brutalized, by this modern form of slavery
To speak the truth it takes bravery
And no man could stop my flow
Because I know what I speak and I speak what I know

 – The Birth

Two hundred thousand million atmosphere cubic feet of air we breath
While niggas minds are trapped twenty thousand fathoms beneath
The sea of reality, they can’t inhale deep, devils have em
Stagnant, a trapping, the .45 magnum
And shatter bone fragments
Cops love the block you gettin backed up by Dragnet
Thrown into a six by eight steel cabinet
Liftin weights readin ancient tablets, back on the block nobody’s havin it
Those who haven’t learnt get returned
You freaky ass niggas get burned
Some walk around like they ain’t concerned
With the hell goin on inside the world
Why do grown men molest little girls?
Is it because the girl’s breast has swelled
To the size of a woman, although she’s twelve
The whole world is sick, sick, sick
Trapped up in six, six, six
I started off as a pawn in this marathon of life
Tryin to carry on, wishin I had a bomb to blow up Babylon
A vagabond, tryin to steal his corpse we’re from paragon
Goin in circles, like a ferris wheel
Undernourished meals I cherish hope, drown inside the sea of life
Use my third eye for a periscope, and take flight to the edge of night
To far heights so dark that even wit a bright light
You couldn’t see a spark of light
While others play ball, I recall, me and GZA, Dirty
Hangin in halls, bangin on walls
Kickin rhymes three hours straight with no pause
Boostin from Freeport sunrise to Amityville morgue
Kept razorblade between the jaws, breakin all laws
Started out writin fables to makin beats on lunchroom tables
To wearin long cables that hung down to the navel
So pack some crack and fat sacks of skunk
To funnel the P-Funk, smokin woolie blunts
Dust cocktails and primos, shot more dice than casinos
Back when Wu-Gambinos were called F.O.I. MC’s
All and Together Now Crew B.C.C
REC Posse, G.P., D.M.D
Ol’ Dirty stalked East New York,GZA maintained Franklin Lane
I was going to Thomas the Jeff, where students got slain
Old Earth got nervous walked me to Shaolin sent me to Curtis
Took share time in Marquis, U-God general contractin service
While Meth Chef and Deck was off the New Dorp
For white boys who took steroids
Buildin up bicep tricep pectoids and deltoids
Back when our girlfriends was virgins
Cuttin class with Ghost tryin to bag hoes in Murry Bergtraum
A Maybeldine beacon night school Washington Irving
These young Gods was seekin
Hoes in Westinghouse and Clara Parton and Medina
Girls who sung like Sarafina
On the corner of Belmont and Picket Avenue I seen her
As if I dreamed her
I was dead broke, now I will use key notes to make G-notes
So it’s always hope
See subway train run through the city like blood through the veins
To the heart of Medina, but Shaolin is the brain
So take heed to these words
And feel the power of the Sunshower

 – Sunshower

Yo, as a life can be slowed down 20 frames per second
Seen through Panavision
The inner light inside my mind’s shines expands the prism
A man of wisdom, victorious and the glorious
Sight beyond sight we stand up as Divine Warriors
Who smite with the mighty right hand of God
Yield the holy sword, swings the holy rod
Then bathe in the pond of Nirvana, escape the realm of Karma
Allow the true grace of God to shine through my persona
And build the reconstructional terms that’s constructive
As we destroy the negative germs that’s destructive
Productively, sincerely, we uphold the righteous banner
With the gold touch of Midas, mold the righteous hammer
And anvil, to the sound of Man-drill
Ignite to the speed of light cause time to stand still
Rewrite the script of Egypt, who made the Holy Bible
Or Koran, how long ago, who made the Holy Title?
Of I Self Lord And Master, who control the vital
Parts of your heart, who wrote the wise recitals?
Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah, Arm-Leg-Leg-Arm-Head
Still puzzled like the jigsaw

 – The Birth