Song suggestions: 4th Chamber (with Ghostface Killah, RZA & Killah Priest), Beneath The Surface (with Killah Priest), Breaker Breaker, Living in the World Today, Duel of the Iron Mic (with Masta Killa & Inspectah Deck), Cold World (with Inspectah Deck), Labels, Liquid Swords, Swordsman, I Gotcha Back, Hip Hop Fury (with Timbo King, RZA, Hell Razah & Dreddy Krueger), 1112 (with Masta Killa, Killah Priest & Njeri), Victim (with Njeri & Joan Davis), Stringplay (with Method Man), General Principles, Advance Pawns (with Raekwon & RZA), Pencil (with Masta Killa & RZA), Alphabets, 7 Pounds, Short Race, Columbian Ties, Life Is A Movie (with RZA), The Spark

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I come through with the Wu and drop math
And versatile freestyle bombs and phonographs
And deliver, all things in number and weight
Searched to death, on how living things relate
Cause at a young age, I was molded in a religion I relied on
And got caught up in superstition
Scared to split pole, ducked black cats
Once in a while, threw salt over my back
But with knowledge of self from off the shelf
Made things seemed complicated now small like elves
So turn off the lights, light a candle, and have a seance
Pull the lid off the Dean Martin scandal
Witches, warlocks, spooks and holy ghosts
RZA let’s defraud the hoax

 – Swordsman

Index Interscope, we RCA, clan
That’s coming with a plan to free a
Slave of a mental death MC don’t panic
Throw that A&R nigga off the boat in the Atlantic

 – Labels

We were on the same ship when the slaves were checked
I had to pull your card, you was on the top deck
So I plotted my escape, I saw the thin line between love and hate
And fast from the hog on the plate
I suffered brutal pain, from whips and chains
Punishments that were set to wash the brain
So look listen observe and also respect this jewel
Drawed up, detect and reflect this
Light I shine, because my powers is refined
Through the truth, which manifest through eternal minds
Purified gases and masses the same elements
That helped spark civilization classes
I see brothers quote math plus degrees
Limp professin ass niggas can’t feed they own seeds

 – Swordsman

The truth is usually seen and rarely heard
What’s more dangerous than hatred is the word

 – Breaker, Breaker

Industrialized niggas change as soon as you get in
Throw ’em on an auction block, CEOs bidding
Highest price paid for those wack rhymes made
Was overrated, cut off, never reinstated
I be fruitful and multiply with marvelous tales
Feed you hungry MCs who be starving as hell
I laid the first verse to quench a dry ass nigga’s thirst
Who drank my wisdom up like water till his stomach burst
Full tank with the premium quality raps
Mickey Mouse niggas get caught on a trap

 – Hip Hop Fury (with Timbo King, RZA, Hell Razah & Dreddy Krueger)

Speaking of this artform, the slang is dangerous
MC’s are like sperm cells, a gang of us
Fighting to reach the egg, biting and lose a leg
Odds are like 1 to 10 million, the kin thread
One from a thousand speaks in his own voice
The other 999, imitates without choice

 – 7 Pounds