The Underachievers

Members: AK the Savior & Issa Gold

Song suggestions: The Proclamation, Philanthropist, Revelations, Herb Shuttles, Land of Lords, 6th Sense, My Prism, Gold Soul Theory, The Mahdi, Leopard Shepherd, Root of all Evil, Play your Part, The Dualist, Chrysalis, Metropolis, Nebulous, Ethereal, Quiescent, Felicity, Amorphous, Shine All Gold, Chasing Faith, The Dualist, We The Hope, Stay The Same

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Wake up and live, shine your light through the mist
We could right all the wrong if you start from within
Homie life full, move on better handle your biz
This is more than just a song dawg, this is how it is
If you living for love, you eliminate fears
Now we one step near, see the sun set clear
You can follow trail but we done left
Gotta get your own, only you know your soul’s quest

 – AK the Savior on The Brooklyn Way

Mantras when I spit this flow,knowledge filled up in every bar
But I’m guided by the light, no shine,soldier of the father but I ain’t no christian
Underachievers, make believers out of heathens

 – Issa Gold on The Mahdi

All my life niggas told me that I ain’t shit
Funny how things flip, knowledge of the ancient
Ain’t shit if you ain’t fit
Bought a plane tick’ to astral land and my motherfucking brain’s sick
Crane kick to the government, fuck ‘em man
Martial law they don’t care about a brother, man
Expanded brain, broke out the frame
Then I became a light bearer nearer to the sun
I’m staying, fuck you taking ‘bout?

 – AK the Savior on Revelations

Ain’t no debating, who is the greatest
It is up in your heart, nigga, go out create it
Get out the matrix, why you stuck in the dark, nigga?

 – Issa Gold on Revelations

My dreams is what I accomplish
By just living where my heart is
Truth be hidden, gain some knowledge
Wealth in mind, and not in wallets

  – AK the Savior on Higher Purpose

Dreamworkers paving the way since birth
Leading, awaking earth,leaving these demons up under dirt
Crazy, Kemetic engravements
Truth telling while you niggas still stuck under the pavement
Still stuck on them slave ships
Better get to your optimus prime, wasting time
They stuck inside of your mind, that’s a crime
But fuck that though, niggas ain’t ready for the elevated soul
Radiant niggas teasin up that smoke
Puff that good you know indo
Chakras line up so proper,spiritual monster, the pastor
Enlightened conscious,the holy father
So bow down when you see me
You ain’t righteous cause you sittin’ round just puffin’ on your treebe
You ain’t never been alone inside the forest of the tipi
A eighth of shrooms, I’m talkin’ bout some Lost shit, fuck your TV
A rasta, no dreadlocks,a God son, no satan
A prophet, learn lessons,you prosper, live fearless
Cause you never gon die
Got these religious fucks, worshiping God crucified
Can’t even see the truth hidden right in front they eyes
So these niggas live they lives just waitin’ for they demise

 – Issa Gold on So Devilish

Got my three eyes open, Pineal gland is swollen
Astral Planes I’m floatin’, Goddammit, I’m free

 – AK the Savior on Herb Shuttles

Dreaming of things that two eyes can never see
Consciousness future levels that he never did
Imagine fathomable, but the story only brings
An unimaginable trinity to a king
Who traded the adversities of sin
So he could transcend to a gloriful place
He loved the beneficial fruit, so plentiful in taste
And rid superficial delusions of a human race (Race)
Visions of that world is what keeps the strong alive
But I’m immortal, so my soul’s never afraid to die
A young pharaoh walking amongst these human lives
Consciousness is higher, reaching and grabbing my desires
The elevated saint creating with his third eye
Woke up out of a dream covered in gold like a wristwatch

 – Issa Gold on 6th Sense

With dedication and rational planning and willpower you can achieve anything
You just gotta decide when you’re ready to be who you already are
We all shine in our own way, even when our world’s gray
But it’s a mind thing, life is always beautiful
Think positive and bring positive energy into your atmosphere
Chase your dreams, be yourself and have fun

 – AK the Savior on Blessings in the Gray

When your soul glow gold like my Egypt fam
My livin soul don’t age like I’m Peter Pan
Oh, you’re a Jesus Christ fan? I’m the sequel man
See, you’ve got a piece of God trapped in your soul
It’s goes deeper than a muthafuckin’ human though
Christ Conscience shit,living optimal
All the religious bullshit, it’s got go
Because these niggas can’t read their Bible codes
They preach lies to the masses, fill ’em up with hope
Takin’ lunches from you niggas if your pockets broke
Now the preacher in the Church fuckin’ lot’s of hoes

 – Issa Gold on My Prism

One eye open, word to Horus
Time is money, spend a fortune

On your self cause you’re important
Plant your seeds but don’t abort it, nah
Make your goals enormous

Bruh never stop moving forward

 – AK the Savior on Higher Purpose

A rebel, who went searching for treasures in his soul
Fishing for gold, I found the key to unlock the door
To my mind’s gate, hidden with some hieroglyphs
Told me ’bout my future and my past and that I should get, I should get
To light workin’ and get up off my ass
I’m on a path, to move the masses through spiritual tactics
Soul masters, you bastards, spread it through classes
Live your life free nigga, if you surpass this class bitch

 – Issa Gold on Gold Soul Theory

Half of their hours, brain devoured by the beast
Dollars can’t bring inner peace but that still be what they teach
Me I get out and create and now the world is in my reach

 – AK the Savior on Inner Peace

Living in the world filled up with glitter and gold
A nigga could get caught up if he ain’t knowing his soul
His soul, yeah nigga his soul
You ain’t living up your life, that why your shit moving slow
Listen, now get your back up off the wall nigga
Ah ah, now get your feet up off the floor nigga
Ah ah, now take flight up to the solar
I’m flying with the knowledge, and a nigga ’bout to go far
Get up on your shit, you ain’t living up your life
You’s a fucking living God, why you bowing down to Christ
You ain’t knowing ’bout the golden gift that’s trapped up in your mind
Gold Soul Theory, Indigo’s on the rise

 – Issa Gold on Gold Soul Theory

You’re stupid to think the world’s small enough to heal all of us
That’s what the teacher say, go to the preacher, pray
But you gotta pay, gotta fight you a cheaper way
Look into myself, try to find me a deeper way
Chase my dreams, create, made me me today
As I prosper, no defense, they watch us
So I’m still obnoxious when I’m in their binoculars
A nigga just wanna be free
I was in the same hood and nobody rescued me my nigga
Could’ve plead and believed and self achieved
Nothing with greed, just be yourself
Realize that your strength is locked inside
It’s the thing that you feel when you open your eyes
Them feelings alive, go ahead homie and fly
Someday you’ll get high, leaving your mark in the sky
But till then I got this, fuck your hypothesis
New York blocks is where I built my conscious up
But my ganja tryna live life prosperous
Since a toddler had a dream and I followed it
Dodging them hollow tips, throw some shots, they missed
Had to stay optimisticBut her pharmacist
Kept me on cloud 9 when the hard times would hit
All time high, first time I hit fronto kid
By Eighteen, had the mind of a king
Gotta learn from mistakes, what it takes to lead
But of course had a taste of the evil seed
So I could truly see what I was meant to be
Who would know much later I would be much greater
Every parent, teacher, conference, told my mom I was a failure
‘Cause they couldn’t see the prophet in disguise as a player
Rise on them haters and defied all the labels
Swear to keep it G till I’m at the crossroads
And the grim reaper creep tryna banish my soul
Used to sin every week, had to let the pain go
Gotta practice what your preach, but I ain’t an angel
Mobbed in the streets, what the blue rag know
Know no power in a piece, but I took the gang road
But despite all the demons tryna bring me down low
I just rise like a phoenix and I shine all gold

 – AK the Savior on Shine All Gold

I’m The, I’m The…
Reincarnation of a king long gone
The highest enlightened nigga, sittin’ on top of the sun
An angel told me in a dream, like Neo “I’m the One”
So I’m out here freeing souls from they bondage to the love
U-N-I-T-Y, Free my people, now we fly
Fools stuck to the ground, wondering why we be high
Brainstorming like beehives, knowledge higher than the skies
On a divine mission, nigga don’t get left behind
Elevate your thinkin’, Young Gods
Smoke loud, dream free and live large
Respect karma, keep progressing and get far
Fuck the skies, the limit is the solars
Problem with the world ain’t that they all sinning
It’s the fact that they unconscious lost spirits barely living
The children of the sun, here to set they souls ablaze
Keep the science from the prophets, enlightened way past our age

 – Issa Gold on Leopard Shepherd