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Compilation of RZA tracks. Theme: the resurrection of the mental dead. 1. Twelve Jewels (0:00) 2. Assassination Day (2:51) 3. The Birth (7:07) 4. 4th Chamber (11:47) 5. Tragedy (16:24) 6. Severe Punishment (20:14) 7. Pit of Snakes (25:03) 8. A Better Tomorrow (29:23) 9….


Song suggestions: Sunshower, The Birth, Tragedy, A Day To God Is 1000 Years, School (with Masta Killa), Impossible (with the Wu-Tang Clan), A Better Tomorrow (with the Wu-Tang Clan), Chi Kung (with Kinetic 9), Koto Chotan (with Tash Mahogany & Masta Killa), See The Joy, Cherry Range (with Kinetic 9 &…