Dizzy Wright

Song suggestions: Higher Learning, God Bless America (with Big K.R.I.T., Chel’le & Tech N9ne), The First Agreement (with Nikkiya), Can I Feel This Way, No Time Is Better (with Irv da Phenom), Train Your Mind, Regardless (with Layzie Bone), Fly High (with Nikkiya), Good Vibes, World Peace, False Reality, Wisdom and Good Vibes, Plotting, Progression, Let Me Live, Maintain (with Joey Bada$$), Deal Wit, Teamwork Makes The Dream Work, Accept My Flaws Pt. 2 (with Chel’le), They Know Why, Assumptions, Get It Together, Remembered, My Life, Kill ‘Em With Kindness, Vampire Bite, Daddy Daughter Relationship, Will It Last (with Njomza), I Got A Lot Of Love To Give, Hit Me When U Comin, I Wonder If Heaven Gotta Ghetto, Rollin Skimps, Soul Searchin’, Fireworks (with Chel’le), Work On Your Self, Black People, Legendary, Work a Lil Harder, New History, I Wanted Mo’, SmokeOut Conversations, Fuck Your Opinion, The Perspective (with Chel’le), Untouchable (with Logic & Kirk Knight), We Turned Out Alright (with Wyclef Jean), Good Knight (with Kirk Knight, Flatbush Zombies & Joey Bada$$)

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They tell me I sound like a prophet, feeding my niggas with knowledge
Mistaken it’s been too much faking, thorough nigga business we keeping it solid
I’m ready to teach and learn, educating for this heaven on earth
Overcoming all my family doubts, the man of the house no man to observe
Shit can get worse but we pulling through
I’m illuminating that entire equation, creating
I know you can’t see it right now but I’m teaching my niggas to be better communicators
They dumbing us down, one by one hunting us down
I try not to sound like a preacher
But if our daughters and sons are kings and queens they have to be prepped to be leaders

 – The First Agreement (with Nikkiya)

Success requires a push, straight forward is the only way to look
I heard if you wanna hide something from a nigga, the best way to do it is to put it in the books
So they making shit difficult, Imma talk about the principles in general as individuals
You balling, you made it, you happy and flexing, every rapper story sound identical
You seeking a better life
There’s reasons for you to believe it
I picked up a book and was reading and now I feel like it’s what I should be teaching
Starting with the First Agreement

 – The First Agreement (with Nikkiya)

I’m in this booth with not nothin’ but the truth and my thoughts
Still a student tryna learn shit
No college education
Marijuana meditation got me on my shit with no hesitation
Niggas segregated, I ain’t with it
Was sellin’ weed out of the Honda Civic
Now we use my voice to show ’em how to get it
I got a beaten up soul
Believe in everything and I believe in what I know
Secrets of the game, I ain’t teachin’ you to flow
Only speaking cause I honestly believe that you should know
I got your back, hit me if you need some advice
Roll it up and let me enter your life
Dizzy Wright is the name
Spit game and got inside of the game
Get high to get inside of your brain

 – Fly High (with Nikkiya)

We workin’ to live, we livin’ to die
It’s hurting my ribs
I’m talkin’ about searchin’ for love
Replacin’ my hurt, I deserve to be rich
These niggas is feelin’ me now, but what about how I got to this place
I’m talkin’ about homeless and hungry
I was livin’ in shelters, travelin’ states
My momma was a hard worker
If I ain’t learn nothin’, that’s all I know
Shortcuts don’t have real outcomes
So in the long run you gon’ see my growth
From a boy to a man
Fans, I have a voice and a plan
Don’t be blinded by the mainstream scams
Niggas talk lies, and I don’t wanna be the one to die

When I’m trying to make the weak understand
Here I am

 – My Life

I told her, “Never bend your head, look the world straight in the eyes”
“You deserve love, but a queen don’t need a king to survive”
And it’s a blessing to be able to rap and not feed y’all lies
Or fake my happiness like everything’s just fine
I mean, we all human beings but we not alike
Cause the loudest on the Internet get to sleep through a quiet night
It’s a big difference and it’s teaching me a lot about who we are, how like
Money don’t change people, it just bring out who they truly are
Man, I done seen the most from coast to coast
They got us crossing over the border line
I don’t got all the answers but we need to be more organized
So here’s a little enlightening for your peace of mind
Everything you need in this life you live will come at the perfect time

 – God Bless America (with Big K.R.I.T., Chel’le & Tech N9ne)

So just ride to it, can you vibe to it?
To see the good in everything you gotta train your mind
Don’t let this motherfucking world waste your time
Holla at me if you change your mind, I want to world to just
Ride to it, we getting high to it
To see the good in everything, you gotta train your mind
You gotta train your mind, holla at me if you change your mind
I want the world to just…
Concentrate, rolling something up with organic vibes
Blending in, walking through these streets like I’m camouflaged
I’m dealing with this third eye shit
I see who they wanna be with three eyes
I got two to look and one to see
Better watch out boy
I been had it now I’m right back to it
Got an old soul, with this stoner body attached to it
Happy that I’m alive, wake up with a smile on my face

 – Train Your Mind

I like these lights but on my life I ain’t the type
That want to kick it with the homies all the time
Sitting around wasting time, whenever everybody wanna shine
Niggas is going blind, obviously cause we ain’t moving the same
We been stuck in one place, but we ain’t doing a thang
It’s time to think outside the box you staying true to your name
It’s the image you trying to resemble gon’ have you going insane
I’m trying to think different, my hidden gifts I know they exist
It’s a whole world, you just need a list and know they exist
I mean the fist that I be holding is a token to these youngin’s
So in faith for you to appreciate the blessings you got coming
You don’t see them yet, all good he wake up like he don’t know need a check
We just want to live and learn,progression for my people back
I see the traps, legal craft, they’re quick to hold us down
That’s why I’m in my Trayvon hoodie with a smile
And I’m here to let the world know

 – Progression

Focused on variety
I’m not the new 2Pac cause I’m here to do this quietly
But I’m here to shape society
Couldn’t even envision what I’m tryna be
I’m next level with it
Thank you Funk Volume for signing me to come get it
Now i’m in it, spreading positivity and empowerment
Doing this way before Kendrick
Was rapping about lacking confidence
Feeling like all this new rap music just ruins it
So I’m here to let go of my outer inner-fluences, I’m cooling it
Giving all you niggas something real to follow
Even though the truth is a hard pill to swallow
It’s still the motto
Painting these pictures like the real picasso
If you don’t fit in today there’s still tomorrow
Hoping it benefits us both
With these words tatted on me some gon’ feel it and some won’t
Nah, it ain’t no hard feelings

 – Train Your Mind

Never letting this entertainment business drive me
Never will I let being famous make me cocky
So I watch out for these bitches
Cause it’ll take them thirty years for them
To try to tarnish your name like Bill Cosby
No paparazzi all in front of my steps
Sometimes, we brothers, we just do that shit to ourselves
We learn from it with a little help in a major way
I’m just hoping we don’t fuck around
And make the same mistakes (okay)
But look I’m back here in the same spot that I left in
You don’t know me, cool
I’m making my very best first impression
Been blessed to send yall a message
For every time you get into the mood
I’m here for the grown folks to youth
Your family and boo and you
I’m talking everybody
You can accept it at your own pace
But we can’t keep screaming racism
If we killing our own race
Not only are we against them
We against us
We been fucked up
Cause this rap life is a fucking false reality

 – False Reality

Poetry is an expression and I just need to get this out
You listening to a young father who don’t got it all figured out
My feeling was killing my spirit it’s time for me to get out this house
And go make something of myself maybe one day I’ll make ya’ll proud

 – Will It Last (with Njomza)

I heard they praised me for being real, but I don’t see the support
Fell in love with changing lives and chose that over a sport
Could’ve been anything in life and yet I’m out here on tour
Like some day we gonna get bored and we gon’ want more
Pretty much prepping myself
For the fans that finna get ahead of they self
When they act like they know everything about me
And all the niggas that doubt me
Come outta nowhere and start criticizing all proudly
Like “hold on nigga, where the fuck was ya’ll at?”
Buggin out on me, nigga fuckin’ now, homie
Some days I can feel Hopsin’s energy rubbin’ off on me
Cause the love don’t feel real if the talent is only a skill
It’s unrealistic to think that one day we won’t make a mistake
But who am I to say, it’s probably from never taking a break
Finding pleasure in poetry, guitar strings and a bass
Uh, my life ain’t been the same while on the run
When these kids say “fuck a message, we just wanna have fun”
Now I move to the beat that confused me for weeks
While ya’ll hands high, my head high like hold on nigga you lost me
Then I looked at my Youtube views, and I got salty
Cause I realised my real shit don’t get that much love
I see exactly how ya’ll do ya’ll favourite rappers
Favorite musicians, athletes, actress, actors
Spreading anything without it being the truth
I guess to tarnish someones image these days is the thing to do
But when you stop judging the music
And you decide you wanna judge me on the way I live my life
Cause I’m a celebrity and you can
Don’t be surprised if my response to the negative shit
Is telling you to “suck my dick”
I’m a grown ass man
Grew up strong enough to deal with all these so called fans
My momma say I got thick skin
My daddy say they’ll never really understand our struggle as kids
Until the end, build off small wins, now here I am

 – Higher Learning

Can’t be cautious creative thinkers must be fearless

 – Will It Last (with Njomza)

Constantly reminding myself that we all look at things differently
Built this so yall can feel this as I spread this positive energy
Realistically what’s important
Cuz half of the time half of these niggas don’t even know what they’re supporting

 – Will It Last (with Njomza)

Wisdom’s better than silver and gold
So you better take these good vibes with you and go hit that road
Learned the hardest things in the world to do was let go
But if you knew then what you know now
You probably would’ve taken things slow
I know
You are the universe
You deserve the universe
I know, I know
You are the universe
Yes, you deserve the universe
Don’t let ’em change your mind
You are the universe
You deserve the universe
Go let the whole world know

 – Wisdom and Good Vibes

Loving yourself is the only relief
No dealing with negative people, grab your phone and delete

 – Plotting

Haters always get ignored, silent treatment’s how we treat em’
And I don’t wanna waste no energy no more
On another niggas flaws
I mind my business and let karma do it’s job

 – Plotting

This music is to suceed you

Just now you got this on lock

You fallin’ down homie, get up that shit gon’ happen a lot

It’s okay, wake up every day and you continue to be great

We see you, no confirmation be you

Still movin’ forward, tellin’ yall fuck how they see you

Fuck the evil, let me live!

 – Let Me Live