Song suggestions: Day Electronica, The Daytrix, Last Breath, Free Ya Mind (with Metta World Peace, Noble King Ali & Loaded Lux), Letter to Obama, Ark, 2 Mics, First Breath, Dear Father, Dr. Sebi Tribute, High For Hours (J. Cole Remake), I Am Spawn, Afeni Shakur RIP, Threatening Nature (Ab-Soul Remake), Pokemon Lives Matter, Survival of the Fit (with Mr2theP), If I owned a Planet (with Mr2theP), Canvis, Giraffes (with Hopsin), Mural, Everybody Gotta Die, Freedom, Nobody, Lucifer, Why, Merkaba, Daysaprock

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You gave us a general, picked him

A diamond in the rough and all the men would roll with him

If I could go back in time I’d be there at the row with him

Front row with him, roll with you

Screamin’ “this for my panthers, this one’s for Huey Newton”

We went from panthers, now everybody is panther fans

From Huey Newton to Cam Newton, the plan advanced

We gotta finish what you started, finish what you taught him

Finish what you taught me

 – Afeni Shakur RIP

Get plugged to the cable unable to get through

The hole that we’re facin’, they label you

Then put you into the system, they schoolin’ the victim

The more you think you smart the more that you get dumb

The history books that you pick up

Is his storybooks that you pick up

A hiccup, a stick-up, the hick up the ass

If you ask me if I believe in this new bible

No, I believe in our survival

The oddessey, gotta see this is our rival

Arrival, this mission is vital

Dismissin’ our tribal, but I know the gift is inside you

To get to the gift is the veinal

To find it and fine tune it to lift up the pineal gland

This is the final chance, I hope that I advance

 – Merkaba

Fuck the money dummy

Tell em that I figured out the astral projection

See my body sleep but my mind travel the curl

Third eye open as I enravel the world

 – Survival of the Fit (with Mr2theP)

Believe in Jesus cause who’s the G’s? Us!

Church like the barbershop all they givin’ us is Cesars

Collection plate upgrade now you pay with your visa

I wish a pastor would, he should get called for treason

Do what thou wilt is my sole purpose I’m searchin’ for

Kundalini upgrade soul work through the merkaba

Light body for meditation I’m astral

Never stuck behind dealing with assholes

 – High for Hours (J. Cole Remake)

I see black waves surfin’ the net

For their history but we lost

Only thing we can learn is in english

The language was the first weapon that cleaned us

Now we can’t even study unless it’s something they give us

Like thanksgiving is cool, like givin’ niggas some food

On the day they slaughtered millions

 – Dear Father

Pineal free you see the peace

432 that’s the frequency

New kundalini I aligned all my chakras

Can’t stop us, no coppers that beat on me

 – Mentrap

Give praise to Columbus, this shit’s the dumbest

We gon’ celebrate the murderers

Proud to be American then you’re proud to be a burglar

Remember this shit’s stolen

I’m holdin’ on to the past stories that yall done altered

 – Dear Father

Question: Am I really woke? Just a silly joke

Being conscious, I really hope I fight for the right team

but what if I am right in a night dream?

Of this inception with no exception

Can’t go vegan, GMO eating

Even plants not real

 – Totem

They gon’ let us pray but don’t tell us back then there wasn’t no letter J

Cold game, this whole time we been praying to the wrong name

Cesare Borgia, I see ya, they say Amen but don’t know Amun Ra

These kinda flaws done got us fucked

 – Dear Father

Maybe losing faith may be my new escape

to a free mind

 – Quillmind

I gotta get out the matrix

I hope we get outta this system

First mission on the block then get on probation

Dash with it, get the bad bitches

Man they got all my people too sleep

Got outta the chains got back into the chain

Now we all hit the dab with it

If your mental free it ain’t no stoppin’ us

Got hella ops call me an optimist

All these new niggas drinkin’ the actavis

All my old niggas used to be activists

All my old niggas used to be panthers

All these new niggas play for the panthers

Only way to get free is to unlock the merkaba that’d be the answer

 – Mentrap

Urgent care but no urge to care

Vaccinating kids like it’s purpose there

The first chakra be his last

 – Totem

Fuck the profit, be the prophet

 – Merkaba

Truth be told we all in need of the answers,

Like: if Jesus died for all of our sins then how can we still go to hell?

But this is why I scream pain

First of all tell me who’s King James?

Who the fuck gave you permission to change the scripture?

You done twisted the words of the ancient niggas

You done twisted the word to enslave us niggas

If I follow these rules then I’m crazy nigga

For example: you say I should fear the slavemaster the same way I fear a god?

– Quillmind

Cause the dream from a seed is to get to ball

From a fetus, look what they feed us,

We’re built to fall

 – Freedom

Willie Lynch, will he lynch us?

 – Afeni Shakur RIP

When they comin’ to cuff us

All of us niggas hush up

Ain’t no freedom of speech, no

We say a word and we get beat in the street, oh

Get outta jail feel like we free and get P.O.’d

 – Freedom

I opened my kundalini (mind, body, soul)

So open I’m hopin’ my boo can see me

So cold, so warm, we are not in our physical form

So foreign, spirit awake but the body still snorin’

Body, the vessel we’re no longer trapped in it

We done jumped to the astral plane how is this happenin’?

 – Astral Sex

We need aid in this ball game

the new slaves gettin’ paid in this ball game

man we shoulda had LeBron on the frontline

but they done paid for LeBron at the foul line

Oh look how they clip us

Look at the owner of the Clippers, oh

You think you made it cause you’re signed, no

See he just owns another nigga

 – Freedom

You told us all to go to college get them masters

Graduate and get a job for the master

I say we go to war until their mass gone

Let em know who did it we don’t put the mask on

See “I Had A Dream” was the letter with dem truth

But if it’s up to you we should let em kill us

No, we all gotta try any day

Cause we all gonna die anyway!

 – MLK

Praise and worship for two hours straight

It got the people stuck in a trance and the sheep got realer

If Jesus was of a skin of bronze then that explains why they beat that nigga

That was the first time a cop beat a nigga ass

And he got hung by the same cross the Klan burn

Have you ever wondered why the Klan burn the damn cross?

These the roman catholics in disguise for the hand-off

To cover up who Horus is, sure this is the plot

So we don’t know who we are, we are creators of all

Before it was light it was complete darkness in this department

But yet the starship arrived, Annunaki surprise

Killuminati but why kill the enlightened ones?

When those the ones who fightin’ for us

Fighting forces we don’t understand

 – Dear Father

Niggas do believe but they ain’t seen Christ

How do I expect niggas to wake up?

When everybody’s following their dream life

Everybody worried ’bout the president

But they don’t run shit, shit is evident

 – Dark Dose Off

I don’t even know if there’s a purpose for (the world)

Brothers killin’ brothers that’s what hurtin’ us

Everybody feel like they are lunatics

But I’m tryna unlock the merkaba

Kundalini open now my mind free

I’m just hopin’ every hood get behind me

If we start killin’ pigs then we’re swine-free

I’m just speakin’ out loud never mind me

 – I Only Wanted

I been eating broccoli

My momma don’t know better she ain’t stopping me

And yet she gon’ expect me to think harder

She let me drink a tall glass of sink water

I slept on the fluoride, oh god, oh god

She say it’s a black thing, I grew up with ADD she gave me them vaccines

 – Live by the GMO

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