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Song suggestions: Amerikkkan Idol, In The Wind (with Statik Selektah & Big K.R.I.T.), Like Water (with Capital STEEZ & CJ Fly), Land Of The Free, Good Morning Amerikkka, For My People, Temptation, Y U Don’t Love Me? (Miss Amerikkka), Super Predator (with Styles P), Babylon (with Chronixx), Legendary (with J. Cole), Enter The Void (with Ab-Soul), Bird’s Eye View (with Statik Selektah, Raekwon & Black Thought), The Spark (with Statik Selektah, Action Bronson & Mike Posner), Carry On (with Statik Selektah & Freddie Gibbs), Killuminati (with Capital STEEZ), Suspect (with Pro Era), Satellite (with Chuck Strangers, Kirk Knight & Dessy Hinds), #LongLiveSteelo, Unorthodox, Snakes (with T Nah Apex), Amethyst Rockstar (with Kirk Knight), Reign

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        What’s freedom to you?

        Let’s talk about it, take a minute think it through

        I’m all about it, but the concept seems new

        The cops still shoot us on channel 5 news

        Lock us up for anything we do to pay dues

        Some of us woke, while some stay snooze

        Zombies walking around tripping over issues

        The knowledge is official but it’s often misused

         – Good Morning Amerikkka

        Hustling man I’ve been putting in these hours
        The government been trying to take away what’s ours
        It’s really all about the money and the power
        I just wanna see my people in power
        Tell me how we gon’ shape this vision
        Complainin’ all day, but in the same conditions
        If you wanna make change, it’s gonna take commitment
        Some people enslaved by they religion
        Can’t emancipate the fundamental prisons
        When I see through optics, transform the wisdom
        Watch me use my powers, get em all to listen
        I’ve been on a mission

         – Temptations

        Now everybody got vice, yeah
        But wouldn’t know what good advice was
        Until they leave him lifeless
        Another momma crying, it’s another crisis
        Lord knows we just trying to live righteous
        Are you willing just to make the sacrifices?
        I know we can’t continue living like this
        And I never sell my soul because that’s priceless, uh, uh
        Tell me how we gon’ make a living
        Hustle on the block who gon’ save the children?
        Menace on the block and I’m just revealing
        The media just trying to make a villain
        I just take the pain and a paint a picture

         – Temptations

        Music is a form of expression
        I’mma use mine just to teach you a lesson
        Rule one: this microphone’s a weapon
        I’m shootin’ out the actions manifested in my passion
        Influencing and surpassing, they expect to see a life in my direction
        Man that section 8 depressin’
        Hard to be progression through recession and oppression
        Not to mention that they had our soul blocked ever since an adolescent

         – For My People

        Why you can’t recognize my stride
        Always gotta minimize my pride
        Always gonna criticize my moods
        I can’t make one mistake, it’s no room
        Feeling like I gotta leave real soon
        I’mma say “namaste,” and just bloom
        But for now, let you runaway from the truths
        Since you can do anything you want to, anyway
        Know some things I ain’t supposed to though
        It’s way deeper than just being emotional
        Some things you just couldn’t keep on the low
        Now I’m freed by the truth, I can’t be controlled, no more
        Nothing like I used to be back before
        No, it must hurt for you to see me evolve
        Why you gotta kick me down on all fours?
        Why you can’t stand to see me stand tall?
        Tell me why we got a war?
        Why we gotta fight, why we always gotta spar for?
        Why the cops always gotta get called?
        Why you always tryna see me in trouble with the law?
        I guess some things will never change
        Locked in the cycle, tryna break the chains
        Handcuffs so tight, nearly slit my veins
        It’s what tough love feels like, feel my pain

         – Y U Don’t Love Me? (Miss Amerikkka)

        For my millennials, for the youth and the fellas too
        Trying to be perennial, but chances of living is minimal
        She critical, exactly what made my niggas criminals
        Typical AmeriKKKa, damn sure ain’t no miracle
        Word to Steezy, Imma keep this shit lyrical
        Til’ I fall out my physical
        All of my verses is biblical
        Flowing religiously, my delivery is spiritual
        Feelin’ invincible, this here ain’t nothing new
        This is just principle, take those infact with you
        They say I’m a clumsy king, how I be dropping jewels
        But see the funny thing is I got lots to lose
        Never no fucks to give, only one life to live
        So I can exchange my negative for a positive
        And it’s all
        Good Lord
        The pen is way mightier than the sword
        Who want war? I told you before

         – Super Predator (with Styles P)

        But here’s for the Presidents, the Congressmen, the Senators
        Who got us all slaving while they reaping all the benefits
        Got the world thinking that it’s true bout what they said of us
        AmeriKKKa’s worst nightmare, the super predator

         – Super Predator (with Styles P)

        Gone like the wind, I can’t seem to win
        I know the end is near, but I just don’t know when
        Turn on to CNN, look at what I see again
        It’s another black man died at the white hand of justice
        To tell the truth, man, I’m fucking disgusted
        I fear for the lives for my sisters, my brothers
        Less fortunate than I, let’s formulate a plan
        I’m sick of holding grudges, I’m loading in all my slugs and
        Aiming it at you judges, fuck the cops
        Fuck the system and the government, you fuckers not
        Protecting and serving
        You more like damaging and hurting

         – Babylon (with Chronixx)

        Who you think investing in penitentiaries though?
        Same owners as them labels
        Same owners of your cables
        Spoon feeding you fables trying to keep your mind stable
        Your eyes blind, and your skin’s hazel
        The truth’s under your nasal
        But even the air’s all fucked up
        How we supposed to see stars? Chemicals all above us
        Plus bunch of other shit that’s undiscovered
        Detached from your roots, as we set sail, my brothers
        That’s word to motherland
        Sold us on stolen land
        Visions from brother men
        You seen us all holding hands
        Fifty years later still see my brothers choked to death
        R.I.P. to Eric Garner, only right I show respect
        Nowadays they hanging us by a different tree
        Branches of the government, I can name all three
        Judicial, legislative and executive
        Lock your pops away, trap your moms and next the kids
        It’s all consecutive
        I’m just trying to break the cycle
        I wonder if I’ll do it all before they take my life, yo
        Crucify my image, the Lord is my witness
        Seen them Heaven’s gates closed
        I’mma break all them hinges for my niggas

         – Babylon (with Chronixx)

        I want you believe not only in me, but have some faith in yourself
        I wish you peace and good health, happiness and some wealth
        I threw a coin in the well, ’cause I was feeling so well
        A token of how I felt, never heard it fulfilled
        Not a noise, not a sound, still no reason to doubt
        Quality what I sell, quantity in the cells
        Quantum physics myself, count a million atoms of cells
        This life I’m living it out, you’re right, my vision is now
        Don’t let the prisoner cell build a strut to break out
        My brothers at the brick house, the undercover stakeout
        Can’t you see it’s a trap? The type of shit I think ’bout
        I sensed they needed my help, that’s why I had to reach out
        What you think? I do it for my brothers under a spell
        It’s clear we living in hell, the life of a black male
        Right out the womb you come out, and it’s a bunch of blackmail
        Just waiting for you to fail, a special room in the jail
        With your name, a number on it so you property now
        I see it properly now, it’s what the poverty ’bout
        It’s all a game of Monopoly, tryna cop me a house
        And elevate in the room until I fit in my tomb
        And introduced to my doom, they say the end comin’ soon

         – Legendary (with J. Cole)

        Watch out, another nigga runnin’ in the White House
        But I won’t stop till this whole shit painted in all black
        And we on top, because my people been painted before crack
        Media’s got this whole thing tinted, it’s all fat
        Feeding you lies like this whole thing wasn’t built on our backs
        Assimilate our history, then made it a mystery
        Now they all inherit the, bittersweet victory
        Look at what they did to me, can I get a witness please?
        Justice never served reparations never sent to me
        It’s clear who the enemy, they declare war on the enemy
        Assassinate my character, buryin’ my entity
        But they can’t kill my energy, so when it’s said and done they forever gon’ remember me

         – Amerikkkan Idol

        This that Bada$$-assination
        Topic of conversation, my proclamation to the nation and its congregation
        Been making observations like its my occupation
        Debating speculation like it ain’t just second nature
        Thou shall love thy neighbor, don’t let that nigga hate you
        ‘Cause he know where you lay up, when it’s karma time to pay up
        Climb the ladder of success I’m steady on my way though
        Devising plans while you sleepin’ I’m just tryna stay woke

         – Amerikkkan Idol

        It’s for my people, tryin to stay alive just stay peaceful

        So hard to survive when we’re so lethal

        Who would take a stand and be our hero?

         – For My People

        Trickery in the system, put my niggas in prison
        All our history hidden, ain’t no liberty given
        We all fit the description of what the documents written
        We been lacking the vision and barely making a living
        We too worried to fit in while they been benefitin’
        Every time you submittin’, we all guilty admit it
        The lord won’t get you acquitted, but you still ask for forgiveness
        Put opiates in syringes then inject his religion
        How many times do I gotta tell you I’m a man on a mission
        Many times I gotta tell you I don’t need no permission
        A human with super vision, ain’t no livin’ condition
        I’m reaching out to my children, just hoping that they will listen
        Start a new coalition against corrupt politicians
        It’s not enough pots to piss in, too many murder convictions
        Another family evicted, another black man a victim
        That’s as real as it’s getting, you should take recognition

        – Land of the Free

        Spinning wheels on the axle of my embodiment,
        Don’t waste your breath, you can’t BS, we know what your body meant
        Through third eye codes, your third eye closed
        If Steve Jobs made you purchase a third iPhone
        All seeing eyes know what eye means
        But 33 degrees can’t make us freeze
        Said they watered us down so they forced to believe
        That they won us through force and greed
        Eye said they warning us now so of course they need to be
        Wanting a force to lead

         – Like Water (with Capital STEEZ & CJ Fly)

        My young world, your wildest dreams are within your reach
        And I’mma tell you, just like I told me
        Believe in yourself, you can do anything
        No matter what they say you can’t do or won’t be
        Don’t ever listen, keep limited homies, plus limits don’t know me
        See, knowledge your pops and Wisdom’s your OG
        Experience is born and understanding of thee
        Of whom you’ve come to be, this child of Destiny
        Nothing’s coincidental, everything meant to be

         – In the Wind (with Statik Selektah & Big K.R.I.T.)

        Can’t change the world unless we change ourselves
        Die from the sicknesses if we don’t seek the health
        All eyes be my witness when I speak what’s felt
        Full house on my hands, the cards I was dealt
        Three K’s, Two A’s in AmeriKKKa
        I’m just a black spade spawned out the nebula
        And everything I do or say today is worthwhile
        Will for sure inspire actions in your first child

         – Land of the Free

        You see I learned something vital with my whole career
        From just watching, observing things over the years
        A secret that I don’t think that I’m supposed to share
        But I don’t care cause if they kill me, I was never here
        You see, the truths been hidden under your nose for a long time
        The only real power is the one over your mind
        So once you seek control of every little thing you do
        Start to unlock the potential that’s inside of you

         – In The Wind (w Statik Selektah & Big K.R.I.T.)

        Catch me on a zenith, looking, down from my nimbus cloud
        Just thinking aloud, “The sky’s the limit”, How nigga?
        I’m in it now and, Still I Rise, and as crazy as it sounds we gon’ get more high
        Catch me on a zenith astral projecting to Venus

         – Zenith (with Denzel Curry)

        Sometimes I speak and I feel like it ain’t my words
        Like I’m just a vessel channeling inside this universe
        I feel my ancestors unrested inside of me
        It’s like they want me to shoot my chance in changing society
        But how do I go about it? Tell me where I start?
        My destiny rerouted when I chose to follow heart
        You told to follow suit, but tell me what it do for you?
        Except weigh you down, now you trapped inside the cubicle they built for us
        The first step into change is to take notice
        Realize the real games that they tried to show us
        300 plus years of them cold shoulders
        Yet 300 million of us still got no focus
        Sorry America, but I will not be your soldier
        Obama just wasn’t enough, I just need some more closure
        And Donald Trump is not equipped to take this country over
        Let’s face facts ’cause we know what’s the real motives

         – Land Of The Free

        My days numbered to infinity, when I close my eyes
        I see the trinity, mind, body & soul holds the energy
        But they dont know the inner g, I try to keep serenity
        But enemies, always try to end me and my entity
        But eventually we all gotta go someday
        And I ain’t shine as a star if it ain’t on a sunday
        But I know you see my rising son, cause when I do your whole rising too
        The beast coast we deeper than verizon crew, in all our eyes is hues of blue and indigo
        If you dont plan on controlling your soul, than what you in it fo? it’s intricate tho
        To be this intrinsical, it may seem like we occult but we ain’t mystical
        You missed the show
        So put ya weapons or whatever your collecting
        Word to my brethren conception, STEEZ I knew it swept us
        They believe in false projections of the evil essence
        So sleep on the progressive and wake up in the Medieval section

         – K.I.N.G.S. (with Capital STEEZ)

        And the land of the free is full of free loaders
        Leave us dead in the street to be your organ donors
        They disorganized my people, made us all loners
        Still got the last names of our slave owners

         – Land of the Free

        What the government is doing to our people is downright evil but not surprising, that’s for certain
        Under the conflict of propaganda, I believe simply trying to slander
        Start a Civil War within the USA amongst black and white and those elite
        They are simply pushing us to our limit so that we can all get together and get with it
        They want us to rebel, so that it makes easier for them to kill us and put us in jails
        Alton Sterlings are happening every day in this country and around the world
        The scary part, boys and girls, is most of these stories don’t make it to the news and reach mass consciousness
        It is for sure time that we as a people stand up for acknowledgement and accomplishment of what we call human rights
        It is time to rebel, better yet, raise hell
        I just want everyone to be cautious about how they go about it
        Because this is all part of the government’s plan and what they been plottin’
        They’re literally begging for this to happen, so they can kill us off using uprising and rebellion as an excuse in a timely fashion
        The cancerous foods, the chemical warfare, economic suffering is not working fast enough
        There are many steps ahead of us and manifesting the future that they want
        We have to work together, not only rattling them on a physical plane but to outsmart them on an intellectual mental level the same thing
        As black men, I think our gangs need to do a better job at protecting us, the people, our communities
        And not assisting in destroying them brutally
        It’s time to even the score
        ‘Cause who do we call when the police break the law
        We are so quick to pick up a gun and kill one another
        But not quick enough to pick it up and protect each other
        The code words to killin’ a black man by police is “He’s got a gun”
        Damned if he do, damned if he don’t, damned if he runs
        Or what about them, them murderers got it
        We need solutions, you better start plotting now
        It’s always been clear that they don’t value our lives
        My people been suffering way too long, and I’m tired of singing the same old song
        People acting like this shit isn’t happening, it’s downright wrong
        Justice won’t be served by a hashtag, and that’s the very reason I ask that
        What are we to do? We’re scattered around
        With no clue of this ugly truth
        All we know is who they ridiculed and who gets minisculed
        Time to wake the fuck up and do our own research
        And not form opinions based on just what we’ve heard
        Ameri-K-K-K-a is force feeding you lies down your throats with a silver spoon
        And eventually, we’ll all be doomed
        Real, real, real soon

         – Amerikkkan Idol

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