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Song suggestions: Like Water (with Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly), Infinity and Beyond, The Lounge (with Chuck Strangers & Uno Hype), Chicago, Free the Robots, Dead Prez, Vibe Ratings, Cab Fare, Dead on Arrival, Doggybag, 47 Elements, HYPE/Beast (with Uno Hype), Talking Shit (with Joey Bada$$), 135, Apex, Killuminati (with Joey Bada$$), Survival Tactics (with Joey Bada$$), Interlude 47 (with Kirk Knight, CJ Fly & Joey Bada$$), K.I.N.G.S. (with Joey Bada$$), Last Cypher (with Pro Era), Bun N Cheese (with Kirk Knight, Aaron Rose & CJ Fly), InVision (with AK), King Steelo, Clear the Air (with CJ Fly), Negus, M.I.A., Nine More Burgers (with Chuck Strangers), So FLY (with CJ Fly and Joey Bada$$), Shooting Stars (with Jakk tha Rhymer), Night Vision

Projects to check out: Amerikkkan Korruption & Amerikkkan Korruption Reloaded, PEEP the Aprocalypse (with Pro Era), The Yellow Tape (as 3rd Kind)


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Soul searchin’ ’till my flows are perfect
I ain’t trynna be a slave to grow old from workin’

 – Killuminati (with Joey Bada$$)

And I quote, we came like them niggas in boats
Still think it’s a joke? Your third eye vision is broke
We lifted from smoke and floating, that’s how I got my aura open
Check the horoscopes, though; you could say I’m horror scoping

 – Like Water (with Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly)

It’s like we’ve been content with losin’
And half our students fallen victim to the institution
Jobs are scarce since the Scientific Revolution
And little kids are shootin’ Uzi’s cause its given to ’em

 – Survival Tactics (with Joey Bada$$)

Started blazing and stargazing
See how you can reach your farthest aspirations
It’s like holy matrimony in The Matrix

 – Suspect (with Pro Era)

Even though the vets hold a .47 with a vest
Now that’s a wise investment
Or a concept to try and hide divine intentions
It’s like, let em hate, stay calm and meditate
When life has the lemons it’s time to eliminate
More sour than lemonade, anyways
Different days, different highs, different haze
Kama Sutra with miss Mary Jane
And the karma suits her, she a vibrant thang

 – Suspect (with Pro Era)

And instead of stickin’ up for each other
We pickin’ up guns and stickin’ up our brothers
So fuck ’em all, I’m comin’ through ragin’
And I won’t stop ’til Reagan is caged in
Mom tell me I should let the Lord handle it
The arm of the law is tryin’ to man-handle us

 – Free The Robots

Now I’m tryna figure how to bend spoons
The prodigy of an alchemist
It’s Indigos in rotation bringing amethysts
Must be out your cranium to even try and aim at this
I can’t be a Satanist, I don’t know who Satan is

 – Apex

Is it evolution or an evil illusion?
People polluting our minds, trynna keep me from cruisin’

 – Evol Love

The smile ain’t the same no more
I looked up and the sky ain’t the same no more
I looked up what the meaning of life was
And ended up with a fake smile and a light buzz

 – Evol Love

Let’s escape into the universe
But let me show you how to do it first
Sit patient till you feel a tingling sensation
Don’t start shaking, relax and try to take it
It’s ecstasy, but mentally just let it be telepathy
Will guide what your eyes don’t get to see

 – Interlude 47 (with Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly & Kirk Knight)

It’s hard to fall off, when you’re coming in first
And your mind is at one with the earth

 – Doggybag

The sky’s the limit, that’s what they told the fuckin’ fool
I disguise the limit, now I’m aimin’ for the Sun and Moon

 – Negus

Can’t crack through the system, that’s why they got crack through ya system
And now we got the matrix hacked with precision

 – King Steelo

Emancipated from mental slavery
That’s word to my Rastas
Cell block mind so I got my head locked up
My third eye chakra was blocked
The flash from the cops made us indigo

 – Night Vision

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