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Yo, I don’t care who listening
I find it kind of sickening
We send billions to Israel
But shit on Flint, Michigan
A country founded off of immigrants
Now we want to build a wall to keep out all the immigrants
What you witnessing
Military exercises demonstrated on citizens
Anti-war petitioning
Drone strike incoming
Homeless vets decorate the street, can’t get no income in
How do you save a world that can’t be saved?
How do you raise a child that won’t behave? (Preach)
Waking up from the lies, I feel betrayed
I’m guessing the rabbit hole we dug was actually just a grave

 – Mercy Me

Pledging allegiance to a flag
Since elementary
Writing curses in cursive and casting spells
Stung by the spelling bee
And they say congratulations
You graduated
From slavery to paid slavery
You actually made it!


My mentality is post apocalyptic
I think in hieroglyphic
We live inside a system that’s mostly monolithic
America the company who owns the title?
Shit I don’t know it could be Russia or China
Thats why they identify you as property
Born into robbery
No Robin Hood
If Satan had a house it’d be in Hollywood
Walking away is the most difficult part
Red carpet before all the rituals start
They know they can’t keep me in check
Or keep me asleep with a check
As long as it’s breath in my chest
I’m pressing these niggas to death
I’ll never regret
The past that I lead
Or the path that I took
I learned what I needed with every step

 – Summer’s Day

Here, these are your gods, you have to praise ’em
I wonder who we’d worship if we weren’t captured and traded


Turn off the TV, it’s way too misleading
Telling them lies, until you believe them
Repeat it, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it
It don’t take a genius to pick up the pieces

 – Blank Mafia

Agricultural skills sure would suit yo ass

But they say, living off the land is a useless path
Here, work for dead Presidents, HA! fooled yo ass
Any revolutionaries, they remove yo ass
Fast, click clack, quick blast, in a flash
Whiplash from the kickback of the impact
Push yo shit back
As long as my head is intact
I’ll be as political as I want
Because I get taxed


Don’t force your religion on me
And I won’t force my non-religion on you
Truth’s the only thing I’m devoted to
So am I equal or just goyem to you
So Bob your fourth album how does it feel?
Ever wonder why every artist want out of they deal?
The price you pay to sell out record stores
When they say they sell they soul it’s not a metaphor

 – Summer’s Day

Looking for the promised land
False stories of Christopher Columbus
Holding Pocahontas’ hand
Black History is the shortest month
I just hope you understand, when the
Native Indians don’t get shit but
Thanksgiving and some yams, like
Here, here’s a few casinos, huhh, sorry we took all your land, huhh
Well, let’s just move on, because, America’s great!
Man I fucking love it
Democratic or Republic
Lightning rod, change the subject
All of these religions, I’m glad I found one
All of these beliefs and mine’s the right one
Trying to process all this info you hide from
Till you wake the fuck up out on the advice son
Culture and religion condition your mind hon’
Whatever’s prohibited, imma defy them
The smell of freedom is making my eyes run
To authority, i’m the antithesis


And we live in a state of confusion
I hear what they say on the news
They usually just laying a blueprint
Used to create a delusion
Movies to sway your conclusion
Used to delay your awakening
Steady creating illusions
Clues to mistaken the truth with
No sense debating with fools
Who put all of their faith in the skewed philosophy
With situational views

 – Excuse Me

Subliminal marketing screaming, “Here, let me fix you
I have the cure
I have the remedy
I am the savior
I am not the enemy
But give me your money, give me your money, give me your money!”
Everybody’s in debt
But this is a free country!
They dock your pay, what a mockery
Why you on the clock
Hickory, dickory, dockery
They want cable, they want coffee, they want comedy
Anything to take they mind off being property
Trying to say it properly
Working on my tact
But I am the anomaly
They know i’m the shit like a elio-colonoscopy
They know i’m the shit by just looking at my discography
They know i’ve been sent to awake this idiocracy
Mass media, hipocrisy
Turn you into a worker bee
Harvest the honey tree


Food should be your medicine, Tesla shit on Edison
Started dropping elements, shit been crazy ever since
Don’t ask me who I’m voting for, Donkey or a Elephant
I do not have a preference, now miss me with that extra shit
I am not a pessimist, I’m just too intelligent
I learned to see the world the way it is and make the best of it

 – Flatline II

Look, cheap tricks and fabricated speeches
Blonde hair, blue eyes – they even fabricated Jesus
Just look at the salary paid to teachers
It’s obvious they don’t want us to graduate into leaders

 – Mercy Me

United Savages of America, huh
Corruption, extortion, torture, et cetera, huh
Looking for war that we can declare on ya
Like, “Hmmm, we can just control this whole area”

 – War Witch

I wonder if JFK tried to warn us a storm was around the corner
Most of these law enforcers just force us all in a corner
Then make it harder for the farmers
Ya son ya wife and ya daughter
They make it hard to support em
I’m just here to inform ya
The power structure’s enormous
Speaking out on these topics like swatting a nest of hornets
They come from the left and right
They swarm our bodies like garments
With chemicals here to harm us
Then after you bust ya ass they tax yo ass for a portion
That’s parasitic behavior
How dare they minimum wage us?
How dare you mention a pay cut
Like we didn’t read the terms and conditions
And they betrayed us
Don’t need permission to wake up
Cuz your silence is your consent for them to consistently rape us

 – Summer’s Day

We treat our problems how we treat our criminals
We lock them long as we can so we don’t have to deal with them

 – War Witch

I see savages, I seen savages
Battered children, shattered families
Shots fired off so quick so fast you would think it’s on accident
All done for the red for the white and the blue, like
Wait who’s flag is this?
And I ask you was it an act of valor or a strange reality
And they make us free thinkers feel like we the radicals
But the world is a battlefield
And right now we the establishment
When it comes to war there’s no real parameters
American pie as the sweet distraction
From what’s really happening

 – Vultures