Kendrick Lamar

Song suggestions: HiiiPoWeR, Ab-Soul’s Outro (with Ab-Soul), Fuck Your Ethnicity, Turn Me Up (with Ab-Soul), Money Trees (with Jay Rock), King Kunta, i, Black Friday (with J. Cole), Ronald Reagan Era, Poe Man’s Dreams, The Spiteful Chant (with ScHoolboy Q), Rigamortis, Wesley’s Theory (with George Clinton & Thundercat), King Kunta, Institutionalized (with Bilal, Anna Wise & Snoop Dogg), These Walls (with Anna Wise, Thundercat & Bilal), u, Alright, Momma, Hood Politics, How Much a Dollar Cost (with Ronald Isley & James Fauntleroy), Complexion (A Zulu Love) [with Rapsody], The Blacker The Berry, You Ain’t Gotta Lie (Momma Said), i, Mortal Man, DNA., YAH., ELEMENT., FEEL., LOYALTY. (with Rihanna), PRIDE., LUST., XXX. (with U2), FEAR., GOD., DUCKWORTH.

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        As I open this book and then burn up some of this reefer
        My plan is to figure out the world and escape all my demons
        I’m dying inside,I wonder if Zion inside the heavens

         – Kush & Corintians (with BJ The Chicago Kid)

        And I want everybody to view my autopsy
        So you can see exactly where the government had shot me
        No conspiracy, my fate is inevitable
        They play musical chairs once I’m on that pedestal
        Frightening, so fucking frightening
        Enough to drive a man insane, a woman insane
        The reason Lauryn Hill don’t sing,or Kurt Cobain
        Loaded that clip and then said bang, the drama it bring is crazy
        Product of the late 80’s
        Tryna stay above water, that’s why we shun the navy
        Pull your guns and play me, let’s set it off
        Cause a riot, throw a Molotov, somebody told me them pirates had got lost
        Cause we been off them slave ships
        Got our own pyramids, write our own hieroglyphs

         – HiiiPoWeR

        Mothafuck the government, mothafuck the system
        Mothafuck you, I’m just living how I am living
        Hiiipower, that’s a nigga religion
        ’til Jesus come back and he tell me something different

         – Ab-Soul‘s Hell Yeah (with ScHoolboy Q)

        Tell me somethin’
        You mothafuckas can’t tell me nothin’
        I’d rather die than to listen to you
        My DNA not for imitation
        Your DNA an abomination
        This how it is when you’re in the Matrix
        Dodgin’ bullets, reapin’ what you sow
        And stackin’ up the footage, livin’ on the go

         – DNA.

        Interviews wanna know my thoughts and opinions
        Fox News wanna use my name for percentage
        My latest muse is my niece, she’s worth livin’
        See me on the TV and scream, “That’s Uncle Kendrick”
        Yeah, that’s the business
        Somebody tell Geraldo this nigga got some ambition
        I’m not a politician, I’m not ’bout a religion
        I’m a Israelite, don’t call me Black no mo’
        That word is only a color, it ain’t facts no mo’
        My cousin called, my cousin Carl Duckworth
        Said, “Know my worth”
        And Deuteronomy say that we all been cursed
        I know he walks the Earth

         – YAH.

        I feel like this gotta be the feelin’ what Pac was
        The feelin’ of an apocalypse happenin’
        But nothin’ is awkward, the feelin’ won’t prosper
        The feelin’ is toxic, I feel like I’m boxin’ demons, monsters
        False prophets schemin’, sponsors, industry promises
        Niggas, bitches, honkies, crackers, Compton
        Church, religion, token blacks, and bondage
        Lawsuit visits, subpoena served in concert
        Fuck your feelings, I mean this for imposters
        I can feel it, the phoenix sure to watch us
        I can feel it, the dream is more than process
        I can put a regime that forms a likeness
        I can feel it, the scream that haunts our logic

         – FEEL.

        Kung Fu Kenny, now
        My resume is real enough for two millenniums
        A better way to make a wave, stop defendin’ them
        I meditate and moderate all of my wins again
        I’m hangin’ on the fence again
        I’m always on your mind
        I put my lyric and my lifeline on the line
        And ain’t no limit when I might shine, might grind
        You rollin’ with it at the right time, right now
        (Only for the dollar sign)

         – LOYALTY. (with Rihanna)

        Hell-raising, wheel-chasing, new worldy possessions
        Flesh-making, spirit-breaking, which one would you lessen?
        The better part, the human heart
        You love ’em or dissect ’em
        Happiness or flashiness? How do you serve the question?
        See, in the perfect world, I would be perfect, world
        I don’t trust people enough beyond they surface, world
        I don’t love people enough to put my faith in man
        I put my faith in these lyrics hoping I make amend
        I understand I ain’t perfect
        I probably won’t come around
        This time, I might put you down
        Last time, I ain’t give a fuck, I still feel the same now
        My feelings might go numb, you’re dealing with cold thumb
        I’m willing to give up a leg and arm and show empathy from
        Pity parties and functions and you and yours
        A perfect world, you probably live another 24
        I can’t fake humble just ’cause your ass is insecure

         – PRIDE.

        We all woke up, tryna tune to the daily news
        Lookin’ for confirmation, hopin’ election wasn’t true
        All of us worried, all of us buried, and the feeling’s deep
        None of us married to his proposal, make us feel cheap
        Stealed and sad, distraught and mad, tell the neighbor ’bout it
        Think they agree, parade the streets with your voice proudly
        Time passin’, things change
        Revertin’ back to our daily programs
        Stuck in our ways, lust

         – LUST.

        Hail Mary, Jesus and Joseph
        The great American flag
        Is wrapped and dragged with explosives
        Compulsive disorder, sons and daughters
        Barricaded blocks and borders
        Look what you taught us
        It’s murder on my street, w’all street, back streets
        Wall street, corporate offices, banks
        Employees and bosses with homicidal thoughts
        Donald Trump’s in office, we lost Barack
        And promised to never doubt him again
        But is America honest or do we bask in sin?
        Pass the gin, I mix it with American blood
        Then bash him in, you crippin’ or you married to blood?
        I’ll ask again—oops—accident
        It’s nasty when you set us up
        Then roll the dice, then bet us up
        You overnight the big rifles, then tell Fox to be scared of us
        Gang members or terrorists, et cetera, et cetera
        Americas reflections of me
        That’s what a mirror does

         – XXX. (with U2)

        Why God, why God do I gotta suffer?
        Pain in my heart carry burdens full of struggle
        Why God, why God do I gotta bleed?
        Every stone thrown at you restin’ at my feet
        Why God, why God do I gotta suffer?
        Earth is no more, why don’t you burn this mufucka?

         – FEAR.

        The whole industry been in shambles
        Everybody fugazi, I’m just changing the channel
        Kendrick Lamar, the people’s champion, I’m animal for analysts
        Career damaging verses, meditating with candles lit

         – Black Friday

        When I was 27, I grew accustomed to more fear
        Accumulated 10 times over throughout the years
        My newfound life made all of me magnified
        How many accolades do I need to block denial?
        The shock value of my success put bolts in me
        All this money, is God playin’ a joke on me?
        Is it for the moment and will he see me as Job?
        Take it from me and leave me worse than I was before?
        At 27, my biggest fear was losin’ it all
        Scared to spend money, had me sleepin’ from hall to hall
        Scared to go back to Section 8 with my mama stressin’
        30 shows a month and I still won’t buy me no Lexus
        What is an advisor somebody that’s holdin’ my checks?
        Just to fuck me over and put my finances in debt?
        I read a case about Rihanna’s accountant and wondered
        How did the bad girl feel when she looked at them numbers?
        The type of shit’ll make me flip out
        And just kill somethin’, drill somethin’
        Get ill and fill ratchets with a lil’ somethin’
        I practiced runnin’ from fear, guess I had some good luck
        At 27 years old, my biggest fear was bein’ judged
        How they look at me reflect on myself, my family, my city
        What they say ’bout me reveal
        If my reputation would miss me
        What they see from me
        Would trickle down generations in time
        What they hear from me
        Would make ’em highlight my simplest lines

         – FEAR.

        It was always me versus the world
        Until I found it’s me versus me

         – DUCKWORTH.

        Pay attention, that one decision changed both of they lives
        One curse at a time, reverse the manifest
        And good karma and I’ll tell you why
        You take two strangers
        And put ’em in random predicaments
        Give ’em a soul so they can
        Make their own choices and live with it
        Twenty years later them same strangers
        You make ’em meet again
        Inside recording studios where they reaping their benefits
        Then you start reminding ’bout that chicken incident
        Whoever thought the greatest rapper
        Would be from coincidence
        Because if Anthony killed Ducky
        Top Dawg could be servin’ life
        While I grew up without a father and die in a gunfight

         – DUCKWORTH.

        Nothing more influential than rap music
        I merge jazz fusion with the trap music
        I mix black soul with some rock and roll
        They never box me in, I’m David Blaine-ing all you hoes
        Oh yea, let’s go there, my DNA is DMT, I’m so rare

         – Black Friday

        I watch this fire that we’re gathered around
        And see that it burns similar to the fire that’s inside you
        Section.80 babies
        A generation of bliss and disobedience
        Know they can’t control us
        Know they can’t control you
        Know they can’t control us
        But we can control each other
        We build our own world
        If you don’t leave with nothing else tonight, you will leave with knowing yourself
        You will leave knowing that you represent something thats bigger than all of us
        Our family
        Heart, honor and respect
        This is you, this is me
        And we are HiiiPower

        – Ab-Soul’s Outro (with Ab-Soul)

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