Song suggestions: Last Dayz, Life’s a Bitch (with Nas), New Life (Album Intro) & Time (with Nas & Nature) [same verses], Rather Unique, Pieces of a (Black) Man, Fan Mail, The Come Up, We Can’t Win, What Cha Day About, Your World Don’t Stop, Love Me, Doing Me

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        Started out just a young shorty, breaking the rules
        Turning out to be the wise, educating the fools
        So many lost in these last days, closed curtains
        Trying to change from my past ways, I’m soul searching
        Diggin’ deep, trying to feel within

         – Last Dayz

        We was already molded into people’s minds as mulignanes
        Now we more fucked up with a mayor named Giuliani
        You can try to blind me, analyze but can’t define me
        My mind’s divine, heavily entwined with Gandhi’s
        Far from feeble, I leave your nostrils hard to breathe through
        Cause my cerebrals are more of a higher plane than the Hebrews
        My mic devotion brings out my deepest emotions
        Overdosing wannabes posing, sending them through convulsions
        Too hard to follow, you took a bite but couldn’t swallow
        Your mind’s boggled, but I’m as deep as Donald Goines novels

         – Rather Unique

        Finally from every dimension with few restrictions
        From up north to the youth detentions, I lay it down
        Clear enough for who choose to listen, we all thorough
        Infected by cruel intentions, but who the wise
        The lies got two disguises, the surprise
        Is to know when to utilize it, stay alert
        The street talkers say the worst
        So overall you gotta watch where you play in the dirt, it’s just the rules
        A killer could be just as cool, it’s no image
        Camouflaged right next to the
        Fools, so who’s who
        It’s the game that chooses you
        A lot of shit is more easier to say than do, show and prove
        Maintainers never blow they cool
        Understand, every man should really know these jewels, I’m feeling live
        Slim with a gorilla vibe
        Away from haters cause I know what they feel inside, but never worry

         – What Cha Day About (with Ali Vegas)

        Play the game for my people stay in charge of your dreams
        Keep your vision focused, get wise, and largen your cream
        Marketin’ schemes, so many in the dark that’s unseen
        Caught inbetween, perhaps rap was a fortunate thing
        Forced to be keen, from hustlin’, supportin’ them fiends
        Bustin’ guns, I had no remorse as a teen
        Rockin’ birth stones, my first, get bent nurse the dome
        It hurts to zone, now I realize I’m on this Earth alone
        Time ticks, devilish minds design tricks, leave you blind quick
        Cause you to die behind shit
        Mathematic, mastered one twenty, I’m Asiatic
        Amazed with magic, cuz it’s illusions that made me savage
        Life change once you establish the right game
        Love the night rain, found a new way to fight pain
        Clocks never stop, It’s all a race to the top
        Tryin’ to freeze time, that’s why I ice the face of my watch

         – New Life/Time

        Young in the mind with a old spirit
        Hot blood with a heart that’s so frigid

         – What Cha Day About (with Ali Vegas)

        I follow rules, do the knowledge, swallow jewels
        A form of teachin’, from the streets never taught in school
        You caught you lose, a wise man utilize tools
        Solitude certifies all moves
        So I walk the path of this old dread, that lead me off the Ave
        Absorbin’ fast, learnin’ from niggas I lost in the past
        It’s poison plays in these foul days
        Housin’ cops & they foul ways, and walkin’ through a wild maze
        Holdin’ my brain, tryin’ to maintain

         – Pieces of a (Black) Man

        Nevertheless, it’s issues I need to address
        Pertaining the certain statements that made me confess
        Faced with life, it bites when reality hit
        And wit crime come a lot of technicality shit
        Too many co-defendants conspiracies linking
        Like the court system designed to keep the mind from thinking
        Fog ya vision, guess it’s just the odds of living
        But like me, most great men became god in prison

         – Fan Mail

        Brought it back for the essence that got watered in rap
        Cause of my aura I bring more to a track

         – Paradise (Life)

        I know the ledge, meditatin’, holdin’ my head
        Eyes red, it’s Doe Or Die till I’m dead

         – Pieces of a (Black) Man

        Knowledge of self, I’mma do this regardless of wealth
        Regardless of how the deck and how the cards get dealt

         – Doing Me

        So play the game, others slow up, change the lane
        Awaken, unchain the brain in exchange to take away the pain
        It’s a part of scriptures, put together with different mixtures
        They tricked us, got us trapped in takin’ pictures

         – Pieces of a (Black) Man

        From the streets to the track board
        Bubble up, from the crack to the rap laws, visualize
        We all uncivilized, the trained behavior
        As kids taught to memorize, copy and mimic
        I travel through the blocks that’s dimmest
        Fly nigga, use my teeth to pop the top off a Guinness, never hate
        With the hunger of a heavyweight
        I stay balanced in the mind when I meditate, and blow trees
        Every verse is like a o-z
        I know niggas in the ‘hood like they know me, so no beefing
        It’s nothing that could stop me from eating, too in tune
        Taught to heal through the doctrines and teaching

         – What Cha Day About (with Ali Vegas)

        Nothin can stop the nation, elevation, daily operation
        Since man creation, we increase the population
        Proper education, got us tappin in information
        Preventin from gettin locked under top-secret investigation
        Guiliani’s part of Illuminati
        A million minds in one body designed to decline society
        They want at least 1.2 billion deceased
        While the rest is left with the mark of the beast on their domepiece
        Prepare, the signs of the times now are near
        That outbreak scare, found in Zaire, soon be here
        So tune your ears, and be saved from a slave
        Cos in a matter of days I’mma E-Q your brainwaves
        AZ the Visualiza is wise as Elijah
        Here to advise ya, and bring out the realness that’s up inside ya
        Intoxication, my voicebox rocks the nation
        Street affiliation, the Doe Or Die situation

         – We Can’t Win (with Amar Pep & Barsham)

        Intelligence kept us all away from state evidence
        ‘Cause it’s evident, this world is controlled on dead presidents

         – Mo Money, Mo Murder, Mo Homicide (with Nas)

        I stay in tune with the sun, stars and moon
        Cause behind bars you’re doomed if your mind can’t consume
        Plus spiritual pain can bring forth physical reign
        And without knowledge of self how else can a criminal change?

         – Your World Don’t Stop

        Visualizin’ the realism of life in actuality
        Fuck who’s the baddest, a person’s status depends on salary
        And my mentality is money-orientated
        I’m destined to live the dream
        For all my peeps who never made it
        ‘Cause, yeah, we were beginners in the hood as 5 Percenters
        But somethin’ must’ve got in us
        ‘Cause all of us turned to sinners
        Now some restin’ in peace and some are sittin’ in San Quentin
        Others, such as myself, are tryin’ to carry on tradition
        Keepin’ this Schweppervescent street ghetto essence inside us
        ‘Cause it provides us with the proper insight to guide us
        Even though we know, somehow we all gotta go
        But as long as we leaving thievin’
        We’ll be leavin’ with some kind of dough
        So, until that day we expire and turn to vapors
        Me and my capers will be somewhere stackin’ plenty papers
        Keepin’ it real, packin’ steel, gettin’ high
        ‘Cause life’s a bitch and then you die

         – Life’s A Bitch (with Nas)

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